Driving Organic Traffic and
Boosting Sales for Infection Shield


Client Name: Kamyab Ghatang

Company Name: Infection Shield
Industry: Health (IPAC)
Growth: Monthly 0 to 350 Organic Traffic Increase
15 keywords ranked in the top 10 on Google

Client Overview:
Infection Shield is a prominent provider of infection prevention and control
solutions, catering to various industries with its expertise in safeguarding
against infectious diseases.

The Challenge:
Despite being an industry leader, Infection Shield struggled with lackluster
organic traffic and poor search engine rankings, hindering its online
visibility and potential for growth.



Goals & Objectives:
Our primary objective was to revamp Infection Shield’s online presence
through strategic SEO initiatives, aiming for a substantial increase in
organic traffic and improved search engine rankings.


Keyword Research:
Through meticulous keyword research, we identified high-value keywords
relevant to Infection Shield’s niche, focusing on terms with significant
search volume and low competition.


On-Page Optimization:
We implemented comprehensive on-page optimization techniques,
optimizing title tags, meta descriptions and content structure to align
with target keywords and enhance search engine crawlability.


Technical SEO:
Conducting thorough technical SEO audits, we addressed critical issues
such as site speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, and schema
markup implementation, ensuring optimal website
performance and indexing.


Content Strategy:
Our content strategy is centered on developing informative, engaging, and
SEO-optimized content, including blog posts, case studies, and whitepapers,
aimed at establishing thought leadership and driving organic traffic


Off-Page Optimization:
 Leveraging ethical link-building strategies, we acquired high-quality
backlinks through guest blogging, industry partnerships, and outreach
campaigns, augmenting Infection Shield Consulting’s domain authority
and search engine credibility.


Website Revamp and User Experience Enhancement:
Redesigned the website architecture, incorporating intuitive navigation,
mobile responsiveness, and visually captivating design
elements to enhance user experience and encourage exploration.


Implemented technical SEO enhancements, such as site speed
optimization, schema markup implementation, and HTTPS migration,
to improve website performance and search engine crawlability.


Graphics Design and Branding:
Developed a cohesive branding strategy, including logo redesign,
color palette selection, and visual asset creation, to align with Infection Shield’s
corporate identity and evoke trust and professionalism. Designed custom
graphics, infographics, and imagery to complement website content and
enhance visual appeal across digital channels.


Data & Metrics: The results of our SEO efforts were remarkable:

● Organic Traffic Growth: Achieved a staggering 300% increase in
organic traffic within six months of implementation.

● Keyword Ranking Improvements: Secured top positions in SERPs
for targeted keywords, resulting in heightened online visibility
and brand exposure.

● Conversion Rate Increase: Notably improved conversion rates as
a direct result of enhanced organic traffic and improved
website performance.

● Enhanced User Experience: Redesigned website and improved
navigation resulted in reduced bounce rates and increased time
spent on site, contributing to higher conversion rates.

● Strengthened Brand Authority: Consistent branding elements
and informative content positioned Infection Shield Consulting as
a trusted authority in the infection prevention and control sector,
fostering credibility and customer trust



Through a holistic SEO approach, we successfully addressed Infection Shield’s
online visibility challenges, demonstrating the power of strategic
optimization in driving tangible business results.

Client Satisfaction:

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